Joint grape harvest

Everything began with the grape harvest in 2008!

Maybe I wasn't sure what to do, maybe I wasn't even sure how to do it!
The only thing that I was certain of was that I had to harvest!
My wife said "yes ok" but then what???
As always women are far-sighted and their terrible inborn pessimism allows them to be always right!!!!
The result was easy to imagine………..a Disaster!

"Damm! my father said, did you think that there were people interested in grape harvests but instead…….

I've never told anyone about what happened in the first edition, rather in my presentations I've always spoken about it as one of the best! ( please forgive me for this LIE…but it was necessary).

Yes, because "Repetita iuvant" - which means try again and by repeating things it helps!
And I did just so, because by asking for the Web Master's help (thanks Ivonne and Gian)
I added the 2009 proposals on the web site, and the first requests for information soon arrived:

1,2,3,7,10,15,20,25 bookings !!!

Perfect! We've made it for the Dolcetto harvest!

The 2009 harvest will be a Group one. This marked the start to our grape harvest! In the following years we received more and more reservations and always more people booked to participate at the Rossa's event.

Let's talk about the day's programme:

At the start the participants, some beginners others survivors from past experiences at University days, listen attentively to mine and the agronomist Silvio Bragagnolo's advice ( a producer of Passiti from Strevi).

We speak about harvest choices, how to cut off the bunches of grapes without cutting off other people's fingers, but most of all about keeping the BASKET under the ROW at all times!!!!!!!! You mustn't loose anything of the Dei's nectar! ( as I repeated many times during the presentation!!)

Concluded the first explanation ….we all set off….it's time to harvest!

After these words the group of grape pickers disappeared into the vineyard with a "famished" look on their faces, for some even too famished and for this reason I tried to bring back order by evenly splitting them up on the "battle field".

At 1.00pm the first "pit stop" in the vineyard is planned!
Salted focaccia, wine and cake, just as my grandfather Cichein used to do, which helps to re-start the harvest recharged with energy!
During the break the greedier ones showed off their wine and food and pairing skills so much praised by the TV programmes; some even forgot about the correct order ( first salted THEN sweet!!!)

But there's no time for words, as we had to get back to the vineyard for the last EFFORTS!

270The outstanding number of participants allowed for a quick and not too tiring harvest; for this reason the harvesters reached the top of the vineyard and the leader proudly waved his hat to celebrate!

The workers attacked the tub, and wanted to be immortalized in the cesspit! Some even offered themselves bare footed for the grape treading!
Stop!!! I said, tiredly reaching for the steering of the "cornucopia grapes "......
From now on it will be Father that looks after the pressing and fermentation phases….we will be able to taste it in a year!!

"It really is true, I said "that even the simplest things can turn out to be fun if done in good company"

The end of the harvests arrived for both the Dolcetto and Barbera and we collected the forgotten baskets and headed off towards the farmhouse's games area.

I welcomed the "workers" under the canopy and offered them a home-made La Rossa afternoon snack for their hard work. Their cheeks turned red by our specialties and pleasant conversation animated among the "RASCALS".

But the day didn't finish here! I was keen to know if they had learnt new things from this experience so I 9594handed them a little to complete.
The effort was good, and the usual trouble makers attempted a wireless connection to help them fill out correctly! Cell and smart phones required! Just joking of course!
Ok ! Stop; I wanted to check the answers and award them their diploma! For the most attentive and prepared worker the special prize was: "Relax di vino" signed La Rossa ( a holiday at the farmhouse for 2 people with entrance to a beauty farm in Acqui Terme!! Not Dolls!!!!)

202This is how we conclude our grape harvests, with respect and cordiality towards traditions and the pleasure of being and working together as a group!

A day in the countryside with me, my family and our Monferrato territory.

A special thanks to all the workers that participated and to my friend Maurizio, from the Gavi area that in the second edition (as the first……) offered his tractor and trailer for the transportation of the grapes to the cantina.
Sotto la tettoia ho voluto accogliere i "manovali" ed offrir loro la merenda sinoira della Rossa per l'impegno profuso.


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